Saturday, December 27, 2014

Math day all day

On December 5th my  class earned 80 compliments outside of our classroom. As their reward for their exemplar behavior and superior leadership skills. They agreed on an all day math reward.  To my delight I promptly agreed and began writing an agenda  for this exciting day.
Starting off the day we had our timed table test quiz , next we went off to  the computer lab where Mrs.  Ardizzoni had prepared a math scavenger hunt around the school. Watch a few of the video to get a feel for the challenging questions she made of our two teams , The Odds and the Evens.  After lunch and recess we invited Math coach Mrs. Fortunato  to join in our math a thon . She came with games and puzzles like the daily Set.  Mr. Shortell and Ms. Fallon and Mrs. Ardizzoni all came in to help with the math games and activities. We built geometric holiday ornaments and played lots of math minded games.
Overall it was a great da of learning how we use math every day and how much we love it!
Thank you to everyone that made this day a huge success!
 We're already thinking our next reward day may just be Science related.  We ' ll  be sure to call Mr. Papadonis in for a return visit then.