Monday, June 10, 2013

Author's Tea

Author's tea is the culmination of the student's writing, poetry and technology projects . We had a high attendance this year of 38 relatives and everyone had an opportunity to highlight their animal presentations on the Touch It boards. Thank you to all that attended and made this a truly special day for our students.

Rock Geologists of Room 205

Ms. Christie helping out.

Does it sink or float?

How many colors can I see?

Can it scratch a penny?

Scientific process at work!

Can it leave a streak on a porcelain tile?

I think I can break this...

Data and recording results

Museum of Natural History at HARVARD

WOW check these minerals out!

Future Geologists

This is sooo cool!

Daniel digging the rocks!!

Johnny with a giant Amethyst geode

New England has many diverse habitats

Victoria listens to information on the Vernal pool

Emily looking at a decomposing log!

Diya and her favorite the Peregrine Falcon

Habitats that we have in Burlington.

Students had a great time at the museum. We saw many interesting artifacts and learned many property tests for rocks and minerals.