Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cuisenaire rods learning our math facts

Cuisenaire rods helping students master those addition facts with concrete visualization. moving on to combinations next week.

Designing musical instruments

Erin, Alli and Ryan all demonstrate their musical designs.  Check out our musical video too.

Crystal the African Gray Parrot arrives

Crystal is a regular visitor to Room 205 but this year is an exception because she arrived in the fall instead of the spring. She usually comes to visit once the students have learned the daily routines and are self sufficient in their learning. This class has proven to be well disciplined and  their behaviors and abilities to follow directions have earned them this opportunity  . Well done kids of 205!
Crystal is here until Halloween.

Sharing Flat Stanley's adventures

Lauren and Alexis' Flat Stanley have arrived from North Carolina and Tennessee. We learned a lot about history from Alexis' grandparents visit to Andrew Jackson's homestead The Hermitage.