Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dr. Seuss day OOBLECK

Read Across America with book buddies

Liam and Timmy

Caitlyn listening to Lera

Angelina and Jenna

Aiden and Paul

Collin and JACK

Mia and Emily


John and Devin

Brothers Ahmad and Marwan


Jack and Kevin

Liam and Tyson

Conner and Paul

Alyvia and Merin

Kendall, Isabella and Mia

Tristan and Jack

Poleena and Ellie

Timmy and Alyvia

Gracie and Tristan neighbors!

Grace and Devin

Jasin and Ellie

Thank you to the fourth and fifth graders who shared buddy reading with us. 
We really enjoyed hearing your favorite stories.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

National Science Convention here we come.

Connecting STEM and American History Through Water Wheels
Saturday, April 5 3:30–4:30 PM
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, 259A
Follow the design process and construct your own water wheel while exploring the local history of the Lowell Mills (and their place in the Industrial Revolution).
Presenter(s): Sean D. Musselman (Burlington Science Center: Burlington, MA); Liam Gillian (Student, Pine Glen Elementary School: Burlington, MA); Jane M. Lynch (Pine Glen Elementary School: Burlington, MA); Jenna Lyonnaise (Student, Pine Glen Elementary School: Burlington, MA); Thomas Gallagher (Student, Pine Glen Elementary School: Burlington, MA)
FORMAT: Workshop
SUBJECT: General Science
GRADE LEVEL: Elementary
CONFERENCE STRAND: Teaching Elementary Science with Confidence!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Massachusetts Famous People Wax Museum

Hello I'm George H.W. Bush

Benjamin Franklin tells us about his famous inventions

Deborah Sampson Massachusetts Heroine


First Lady Abigail Adams

Founder of the American Red Cross Clara Barton

Norman Rockwell enjoying  the show

Lovely Emily Dickinson

2nd President John Adams


Phyllis Wheatley welcomes guest to the museum

Women's Rights activist Susan B.  Anthony


Abigail  Adams

Alexander Graham Bell

Dr Seuss 's Cat in the Hat

Double vision  Susan B. Anthony

Paul Revere showing off his wares

Louisa May Alcott and friends

Captivating Clara Bartons

Phyllis Wheatley famous poet

I'm a famous poet 


Mr. Lyons speaking to Alexander Graham Bell

Theodore Geisel aka Dr. Seuss

Enjoying this project


John F.  Kennedy with his dad

JFK loving his life!

Alexander Graham Bell


This Wednesday we had the pleasure of listening to many different accounts of Massachusetts famous people. Many of these people grew up here in Massachusetts . A few of them were transplants and they came to call Massachusetts their home. The students spent 6 weeks researching and making presentation boards, designing a costume and writing a speech in the voice of their person. The culmination for this project was a wax-like museum where families and friends were invited to learn about these people from the children. This format of presentation really showcases the  students learning and they love coming in to school "in character" .