Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FALCONRY WITH Wendy and Diane At Fox Hill

March 25th  On a brisk Sunday morning 40 people assembled up at Fox Hill to learn about the sport of Falconry.  Wendy P. and Diane W. of the Burlington Science Center  presented an in depth show about this 4000 year old sport mainly dominated by men. Both of these women are licensed falconers and very much invested in their efforts to help improve the  survival of birds of prey.
 We were introduced to Medusa  and Leary , two immature Red -tailed Hawks and also a falcon-gyr mix. These birds are in training with their human partners to learn how to beat the odds of survival in their often cruel and unforgiving  world. 70% of immature birds of prey die in their first years of life. The sport of falconry helps them learn how to hunt and become more adept at their skills while still in their juvenile years.
This was an awesome presentation  which I highly recommend you attend if it happens again.
 Thank you ladies for a fun and educational day.

Ipad Day in Room 205

Mr. Callahan visited our room with 20 Ipads last Friday. We used these for every lesson we did  in our class. In math, we used an app to help us figure out all the factors of a given number. In Language Arts ,we typed our personal narratives into our Google Docs. We also used Story Robe to draw a picture  and tell a story orally. We shared these stories after lunch on the Smart Board. The last 45 minutes of the day we enjoyed free time exploring the wonders of technology. Ask your child what they enjoyed about Ipad  day?
 We Loved the Ipads!!!!
Thank you Mr. Callahan for a great end to our MCAS Week.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Treasures from Room 205

 Grandma's cookies
 Grandpa's Army Jacket

 Mum's Chocolate Cream Pie
 Great grandpa's Boston Marathon Medal  from 1922
 Dad's Coronet
 Abby's Teddy
 Family traditions
  Great- great Grandpa's Garnet Ring
 Grandpa's Famous Chicken Marsala
 Kevin's rice noodles with coconut. Yummy!

We have enjoyed hearing and sharing our FAMILY TREASURES  with each other. We sampled many delicious treats and heard some interesting stories about family heirlooms. Next Month's project will be writing our autobiographies. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dr Seuss Day March 2nd Oobleck abound

Mr. Papadonis came to Pine Glen for his last Dr. Seuss reading. Typically he reads Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss then he treats all the third grade to a crossed linked polymer goop, that we like to call Oobleck . We really enjoy this fun event. Hopefully we'll have Mr. Pap back to read as a special guest in the years to come. Thanks again Mr.. Papadonis!!!

Science of Soil

This month in science we have been studying and observing the different types of soils. The students conducted an experiment in which they tested their hypotheses .  They have started using the scientific method  to solve the given essential question . The question they tested was "Which Soil Holds Water Best?" Througn a series of tests and measurements the students all reached the same conclusion that humus holds water better than sand. Check out the scientific  procedures they took to reach this. We love Science in Room 205!