Friday, September 4, 2015

Good Luck in 4th Grade

 Hello Pine Glenners.
 Just checking in to say I hope you all had a great first week of school.
MSMS is very different from Pine Glen and I 'm learning so many new things too.
I miss you all and I hope to see some of you around town.
Maybe you all know this but Ryan  got a new puppy. Brady! Maybe he was Tom's good luck charm!!
Tyler,  Brady and Ryan.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thank you

for all that you’ve done for us in 205.
We’ve had lots of fun learning all that we can,
A few days remain and there’s more
to be done.
We’ll spend our last days remembering all the good times,
 and then say our good byes
With no tears in our eyes. 
I have had a wonderful year with your children .
Thanks to all the parents who have made this last year one of my best. 

 Mrs. Lynch

Massachusetts State project boxes

Alexis' waiting for her audience

Aditya's history of Boston

Lovely Lauren!

Ryan reads about the Mayflower

Kaitlyn's replica of Plymouth Rock!

Kate's favorite project

Skyla's turn

Celtic's flag

Ryan and Mrs. Lynch listening closely

Lyle loving the limelight!

Presenters on Wednesday

We all enjoyed the last project of third grade and had many laughs sharing our favorite symbols and places in Massachusetts! Wonderful work Boys and Girls! 

Mapping Massachusetts

Mapping Massachusetts . We know our state so well!

Field day and Building dog houses engineering

Ready for the water slides

Three stories high and building

Team work is the KEY!!

Aditya making his level

Hooray  Henry !

Success feels soooo Good!

It passed the fan test!


Duck Boats

We had a great day quacking our way across the city of Boston. This trip is the culmination 
 of our social studies curriculum wrapping up all that we have learned about the "Baystate!
Quack Quack