Sunday, April 27, 2014

National Science Convention day

Check out the Science Center blog for more pictures

Recycling project taking form

The bins arrived and we started making posters and brochures to inform the town of this great way to raise money for our schools. We also spent some time on voting passing out information to all residents about the recycling of textiles. We have partnered with the Bay State Textile company to raise 100.00 per ton of cloth items to help fund projects at our schools. Please pass the word and get those Spring cleaning items to our nearest school.
Thank you!!

Tricky traingles and geometry terms

How do you make an equilateral triangle? An isosceles or a scalene triangle?

Building bridges

In this lesson students are given 3 materials  paper, tape and scissors and they are asked to build a bridge that spans a paper river and must support  weight  measured in pennies. The students are not given any other instruction this is an open inquiry type model of learning. It helps students to think critically and be problem solvers. I ask the students to test the bridge to failure . Our strongest bridge held 209 pennies. We used this classroom activity to help the students gain engineering skills for their at home museum projects. Take a look.