Monday, November 11, 2013

Conference schedule

Here is the sign up times people chose at Open House. If you have not signed up please send  me an email with an open  time you can make it.  Please be prompt for your scheduled time . We're looking forward to meeting with you on December 5th.

7:30. Gallagher
7:45 Kilfoyle
8:00 Kelley
8:15 Festival
8:30 Bowler
9:00 Risman
9:15 Shanahan
9:30 Toro
11:30 Pena
1:00 Gilligan
1:15 J. DeFrancesco
 Bucher 12/4 2:45
Kasparian tbd

Awaiting Kiswani, Lyonnaise and DeFrancesco.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween

Doctors Lynch and McMahon

Day of the dead visits Room 205

Red Sox Fans!! are #1

2nd grade lovely ladies

Miss Anderson and Mrs. Lane make an apppearance

Skeleton's Liam and Miss Fallon

Bride of Frankenstein and friend

Mrs. Babajtis's  Kindergartners performing a Halloween treat

Witch Hats flying everywhere

Red Sox Fever

Red Sox World Champions 2013 Congratulations to our bearded heros!!

Burlington Historical Tour

Checking out the town's history using murals

Commissioner Mike explains the living quarters of the Native Americans

Headstones and footstones by Jenna
Liam and Tommy enjoying the sites

John Hancock, Samuel Adams  and company enjoying a meal prior to the Regulators coming.