Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mr. Musselman visits Room 205

                           Wow look how much the temperature drooped in the ice water!
                                                       Scientists in waiting....
                                                             Cole check this out
                                               Recording the observed data
                                                            How tall am I?
                                                           Writing up the results.
                      Hey these scales look like my Moms's Weight Watchers scale.
Volume  is the amount of space something occupies.
 Tyler and Sean observing the temperature change from Room temperature to ice water.

Thanks Mr. Musselman for helping us with the metric system measuring tools.
We loved your volume station with the graduated cyclinders and measuring cups!
Come back to visit anytime.
Mrs. Lynch & Kids

Pine Glen Music makers

Everyone enjoyed the first engineering project in third grade. They were a symphony to be heard!                          Great job Boys and Girls