Thursday, September 25, 2014

The iPads are here!

Mrs. Ardizzoni helping the students learn the in and outs of the new iPads we are all able to use to help us with us learning. Big plans for the iPads this year!!!

All About Me

Sharing our All about me Posters so we can know each other  really well.
 Students had a great week sharing about themselves and helping others share theirs too.

Math games on Friday

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sound of silence

This week  we started our study of sound. The students learned that there are 4 things you need to hear a sound: a vibration which is a back and forth movement of energy , a medium for the vibration to move through, an ear to capture the sound wave ,and a brain to identify the sound that is being made.

Skyla is loving this experiment!

Kaitlyn stringing her guitar

Erin and Alexandra figuring it out

Alexis gently plucking the elastics to recognize the different pitch

Aditya observing and recording data

Kate capturing a elastic guitar string


Kalash  observing his elastic

Ryan getting it just right with Aditya's watchful eye

Lyle listening carefully

Lauren and Cora making Slinky Sound waves

We had two days of experiments so far and there wasn't a voice to be heard. These children were so focused on hearing the sounds being made and categorizing the pitch of the sounds.  Pitch is the highness of lowness of a sound . The students learned that the slower the vibration the lower the pitch. Also the longer the vibrating column the lower the pitch. Conversely the oppsosite is true. Faster, shorter, higher. This information will be useful when the students engineer their own instruments. Details coming soon. Enjoy the view from Room 205

Getting to know you.