Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome Home Roxy!!

Welcome to Roxy our new puppy.
She's a Sichon. Right now she weights 2.6 lbs. 
Can you think of something that weighs the same as her?

Sound sandwich Video

  Watch and listen to our class as we make vibrations with high and low pitched sounds. This demonstrates that all sound is made with a vibration that travels through a medium that travels into our ears and our brain tells us what we are hearing.  Check us out!

Sound experiments

Discovering the science of sound through all types of modalities. Hands on is definitely our favorite.
Be sure to watch the video of our sound sndwich band concert.

Science shell observations

Madison checks her shell's length
Matt deep in thought

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                                    Leighton uses many science tools to see what his shell could be
                                        Emily checks her shell for sounds of the ocean
                                                 Zara and Jason talk about their shells
                                                 Caitlyn takes a closer look

Welcome to Room 205 where learning comes alive. We spent some time using our observational skills in science. We can't wait to start learning !