Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turkey Trot 2014

Charles  first place 3rd grade boy

Aditya 3rd Place 3rd boy

Mrs. Nicholas getting the girls ready to go

Take your mark

Congrats Aditya

Cora crossing the finish line

Kaitlyn makes it 

Chloe takes first Cora third for the 3rd grade girls

Congrats to Alexis for 2nd place!!

Yeah Paul!

4th grade girls alums from 205

Alyvia and Jenna 1st and 2nd  place winners

Goof  balls 
Elijah and Kaitlyn winners too.

Alli and Kaitlyn third grader cheerleaders

Great job Third grade

Turkeys of Room 205

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Building Plimoth Plantation with Ms. Fallon

Getting the directions before we begin

Milk cartons and craft sticks

 were our supplies

Listening to directions on how to make the siding

Blue Prints

Pilgrim Home

Thatching the roofs with hay. Achoo!!

Measuring and cutting sticks

Decorating the meeting house

Placing a few finished homes

Reflection on a job well done

Let's talk about what we've done so far

Kalash, Lyle and Aditya

adding in the roads and the fields

Aditya making the farm lands

Laying down the garden

Ryan making sure the house placement is correct

Making the trees for the surrounding forest

Laying down the boundaries and

 receiving the  family assignments

Dictionary Day from the Rotary Club

Every year the Rotarians present every third grade a Webster's Dictionary to help them with their studies. This is a program that the late Rick Karwan started when he was the President of this organization. This year we had a blast finding words in the dictionaries and reading the meanings aloud.

Thank you Rotary Club!