Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Curious Creatures

Summertime fun. Tyler had a great day  for the Curious Creature show on June 22nd. We all got a chance to hold a variety of reptiles and mammals at the party. Fluffy the Boa Constrictor and Ally the alligator were my favorites. Georgia the skunk was a fan favorite too. Have you ever held a skunk? She was just like a ferret.  Thank you all for a great year and enjoy the summer. See you in September.
~Mrs. Lynch

Mrs. Redfern retires from Pine Glen School

 Mrs. Visocchi and Mrs. Redfern  ready for the celebrations.
 Former students Mogan and Owen share poems about their awesome 1st grade memories
 We all know how much Mrs. Redfern loves PURPLE!!!!
 Max  reading his Purple is poem written for Mrs. Redfern aka Mrs. Purplefern
 Flash mob ready set go.....
 I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night.....
 5th graders purple and getting ready for the assembly
 We Love you Mrs. Refdern
 Special guest appearances by Banana 1 and Banana 2  aka Denise  and Krystel
Purple mania strikes this young boy

Hilton Garden Inn Day

Once again the Hilton Garden Inn staff came to Pine Glen to beautify our school grounds.
 This has been an annual event with our community  for 4 years now.
The staff from the Hilton Garden arrived on a beautiful summer day to help weed, plant, rake and mulch the garden in the front of our school.
The highlight of thisday is always the delicious lunch they supply each gardener after they 've  worked up an appetite. The personal pan size pizza and lemonade is  signature lunch that Pine Glen students have come to look forward to. 
 Thanks to this wonderful group of people who volunteer their time and efforts to help each student get a taste of outdoor gardening.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bird towers

 Three stories high and it survived the fan on high. Another great achievement from the engineers of 205

 Will it withstand the force of the fan?   Yes it did!
 A surprise visit from Mr. Pap. We love you Mr. Pap.

 Hilton Garden community outreach day. Thanks for beautifying our school

Building bridges and 3-d Shapes

 Making the plans before the building begins

 Shawn feeling success!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Making the cyclindral base to hold the paper  over the  river.

 Max' s bridge eventually held up 5 dictionaries to failure. Students were encouraged to collapse their bridges to test the maxium compression .

 Liam bridging the gap. Red bird is aloft and dry
 Max's bridge held 387 pennies . He's our next engineer waiting to graduate. Go Max!!

 Watarus  shows off his bridge  . We loved building bridges!

 Whoa will this really hold a dictionary?
 Sean's 3-d cube!
 Liam's square pyramid

Will it hold this bird three stories high. It 's a success! Yeah Madison's team