Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Light it up

Kaitlyn and Erin completing the Circuit!!

Checking out the materials

Alli and Alexis using the double battery circuit.

Testing classroom supplies

Ryan and Skyla using the switch

Rubber acts like an insulator

Testing conductors

Aditya and Kate lighting it up!!

Cora and Henry had success too!
Students receive their materials and using their knowledge  of electricty, conductors, and insulators they need to assemble a circuit that lights up a bulb using batteries and switches. Many  of them had success.
Great experiment to wrap up our electricity unit. Well done 205!

More Multiplication Masters

Kalash made the Golden Dollar

Cora captures the Gold!

Lyle  masters his facts!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pillow Pets for MGH

A big Thank you for all who helped make the Pine Glen Pillow Pet Patriots Pajama Day a sucess. We raised close to 700.00 for the purchase of Pillow Pets for the children at Massachusetts General Hospital. Ms. Hayes, Mrs. Visocchi and Mrs. Beaulieu  helped to organize this fundraiser along with the 4th and 5th grade student council members. Just another reason why Pine Glen is so Cool.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Factor Trees using Popplet

Students used the Popplet app to help diagram how they know their multiplication facts and the realtionship that factors have in making  a product tree. They learned the definition of a prime number and demostrated their thinking by highlighting the primes and writing them into a number senetence that equals their product. We factorized numbers as small as 12 and as large as 128.  Mrs. Ardizzoni assisted in this lesson by teaching the students the Popplet app. We love Math in Room 205!!!
Henry's  factoring down to the primes.
Lauren 's factor tree for 36.
Kalash shows us 24 .
Kaitlyn sharing 24 too.
Erin's lovely factor tree for 48.
Ryan showing 24 with clear primes in the red boxes.

Ryan's  factors for 64!

New Releases from student authors

Ms. Carney sharing a few stories
She thinks these authors are a funny bunch
Caleb signing his first published book
Aditya looking professional
Shira so pleasedd with her story
Henry happy as can be
Ryan ready to sign his book
Keira  mugging for the camera
Aditi a proud author
Alexis  is ready to sign
Books and authors  heading to the Wall of Awesome!
Enjoying each others stories

Books waiting to be catalogued

Missing form the author signing Lauren, Erin and Kate . Great job third graders . I hope you receive many compliments from your peers on this accomplishment. Mrs. Lynch