Sunday, February 22, 2015

Designing water wheels

Mrs. Ardizzoni teaching us how to

 make a table for the data

Designing a sucessful wheel

Drawing pad helps us record the data

Lyle  at the starting point

Ryan rights his wheel

Cora letting it flow

Kaitlyn awaits the water

Here goes Henry

Alexis and her ferris wheel design

Keep it steady Kate

Alli's turn

Get Ready Erin!

Kalash having a go

Aditya's first attempt

Lowell Boott Mills

Lauren spinning the Cotton Gin

Designing and invention to remove the cotton seeds from the cotton

Map room 

Kaitlyn and Lyle working in the Mills

Pillow pet from Room 205

We collected 46.00 for the Pillow Pet fundraiser for MGH .  As a class we chose the dolphin pet for a patient to hug and love . Check out the love we're sending to MGH.