Saturday, May 19, 2012

BHS Junior Prom alums from Room 205

Friday night at the Town Common there was a sea of color splashed across the newly cut lawn. It was Prom Night and here are a few pictures of students from Pine Glen.
                                              Rebecca and Christos
                                                 Derek and Rachel
                                             Amber, Meaghan and Sarah
                                                Katie and Jenna
                                                        Casey with Kristina
                                                   Joey and Sabrina
                                           Emily, Brian ,Olivia ,and Sean
                                                 Caitlyn, Matt and Kelsey

Stuart and Friend

Finding our homes on the new Burlington Maps

Amy Warfield, our Town Clerk supplied all the third graders with a new map of Burlington showing the students the new voting precincts. We really enjoyed finding our streets and we connected this activity to coordinate grids in math. We love learning in 205!!

Owl Pellet Dissection

 Any bones we found we matched them up with the skeleton of a rodent to help us identify the bones.
This was sooo cool!

On Tuesday we visited the Mill Pond Reservoir . Ms. P and Mr. M showed us 5 different habitats and we got to see first hand many of the mammals, reptiles , amphibians and birds that live here in Burlington.
Students got an added treat . We found two Owl pellets that we took back to class to dissect. See next blog

My Backyard experiment

The Students had a chance to explore and discover items that they may find in their backyards. They also colored butterflies that were camouflaged in certain habitats. Wendy thanks for provided the students of BURLINGTON with such great hands on opportunities to learn.  Here's Sheldon our classroom pet in his habitat in Room 205.