Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FALCONRY WITH Wendy and Diane At Fox Hill

March 25th  On a brisk Sunday morning 40 people assembled up at Fox Hill to learn about the sport of Falconry.  Wendy P. and Diane W. of the Burlington Science Center  presented an in depth show about this 4000 year old sport mainly dominated by men. Both of these women are licensed falconers and very much invested in their efforts to help improve the  survival of birds of prey.
 We were introduced to Medusa  and Leary , two immature Red -tailed Hawks and also a falcon-gyr mix. These birds are in training with their human partners to learn how to beat the odds of survival in their often cruel and unforgiving  world. 70% of immature birds of prey die in their first years of life. The sport of falconry helps them learn how to hunt and become more adept at their skills while still in their juvenile years.
This was an awesome presentation  which I highly recommend you attend if it happens again.
 Thank you ladies for a fun and educational day.