Sunday, April 28, 2013

Multiplication MASTERS OF 205





Table tests will commence the Friday before MCAS . Please keep working to reach your goal of the Golden dollar.  Congratulations to all the students who have passed the test!

What's my Habitat?

 Students were given a butterfly to color. They had to find the habitat that their colored butterfly blended or camouflaged best with in order to ensure survival in that environment. They all knew that their butterfly would not survive in the Arctic. Check out the habitats they visited and see if you can figure out where their butterfly would live?

Mummified apples with Mrs. McMahon

Many of the hypotheses we made were true. The ancient Egyptians used Baking Soda for preservation, but we found that the mixture of the three substances preserved the apple the best. Thanks Mrs. McMahon for bring this great science experiment to our class!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mummification with Mrs. McMahon

Today we learned about mummification and how the different substances were used to perserve human bodies in Egypt. We are mummifying an apple and will observe the results over the next three weeks. The substances we used to perserve the apple were: baking soda, table salt, Epsom Salt and a mixture of all three. Students made a hypothesis and will test this by observation.. We learned about a scientific control and how this will be what we use to compare all other results. Mrs McMahon is a graduate student from Cambridge College. Thank you for teaching us about this fascinating topic! We can't wait to see the results.

Harlem Superstars and the Pine Glen Shake