Sunday, April 7, 2013

Multiplication Easter egg hunt

Zara explaining the directions

Success  find the eggs , now the facts.

Doubling it up to show we know our facts


Hold em up!

Diya checks the results

Zara writing down the answers

Jayson reading his multiplication problem

Devin doing the math

Thanks for a great way to learn multiplication Zara and Diya!
Students in Room 205 decided they wanted to show their math thinking by having an egg hunt . Eggs  contained 1 and 2 digit multiplication problems inside. First they had to find the eggs that were hid in theclassroom. Next they had an option to answer one or two math problems. Zara and Diya made an snswer key for all the facts and they were able to determine which answers were correct. If you answered the problem correctly you were able to keep the egg. All contestants went home with a prize. Thank you ladies for making our math lesson eggciting!