Friday, March 1, 2013

Massachusetts Biography famous people

Matt as Theodore Geisel aka "DR. Seuss"

Madison as the lovely Phyllis Wheatley

Quinn as the 6th President John Qunicy Adams

Leighton 's rendition of Benjamin Franklin

Always captivating Diya as Abigail Adams

Caitlyn captures Clara Barton's and her parents too

Angelina Bon Appetite Julia Childs

Luke as our 2nd President John Adams

Brendan as the dashing JFK

Massachusetts Heroine Deborah Sampson from Emily

Womens rights activist Susan B. Anthony by Victoria

Lovely Louisa May Alcott by Zara

Studious George H.W. Bush by LUKE

Patriotic Paul Revere BY  Christopher

Alexander Graham Bell and guest

Maeve as Abigail Adams

George W. Bush by Devin

Paul Revere by Zach

"Come quick Watson", a quote from Alexander Graham Bell by Caleb

A famous pose and a few compatriots


Robert Goddard father of spece travel By Jayson

Aidan as older Ben Franklin

Ronan as young Mr. Franklin

Isabelle as Deborah Sampson

Susan B. Anthonys unite!

Girl power

This is sooo fun

Victoria talking about equality

Jacob as Johnny Appleseed