Monday, May 30, 2011

Science day with Mr. Papadonis

                                   Volcanic eruptions acids and bases collide
                                 Magnetic car using attraction and repulsion to move it move it...
  Bridget and Mr. Pap talking about how our eyes work.
                                Is your water hard or soft? Let me test that for you Scientist Kaylin at work
                      The Birdy go round 5000. It was a huge success . We loved your design Johnathan
                                  Matt's horn blower.  Vibrations were the topic of this experiment
                                          Angela's static electricity Do  . It's the  rage in 205
                                            Waiting for the big moment to show it off
                        How do flowers get their nutrients  By Abby  Mr. Callahan came to see us too.
                                              There's Wendy checking it out
                                  Wow, you scientists are amazing and knowledgeable too!
                                         Ryan and Kenan waiting for vistors
                                                  Birdy 5000 in action!!! Electricity and circuitry.
                                          A job well done Angela
Mrs. Gover and Wendy
                                              Great work boys!
                                     Cards , hugs and smiles all for you Mr. Pap
                                                        Dirt cake anyone?
My mentor and colleague. We will miss your scientific knowledge . Thanks for sharing such a wonderful science filled day  with us. Happy Retirement Mr. Papadonis!