Saturday, February 19, 2011

Massachusetts Biographies in Room 205

                                                Abby Kevin, Bridget and Jack as
             Louisa  May Alcott, John Quincy Adams, Abigail Adams and John Adams
Abby and Kevin after their performance

President John and 1st Lady Abigail Adams

                                                  Kylie, Brianna, Johnathan and Kenan as
                     Phillis Wheatley, Dorothea Dix , Dr. Seuss and  George H.W. Bush

                                                    Kaylin Patrick, Angela and Matthew as
                  Susan B. Anthony, JFK, Deborah Sampson and Norman Rockwell
Matthew, Aurora, Cameron and Ryan as
Johnny Appleseed, Clara Barton, Alexander Graham Bell and Paul Revere

The students presented their person to the class and parents during a three to five minute speech. These speeches hilighted the person life history and personal achievements. Each person told their story in character and costume.  Props and posters aided their performances .
Everyone who attended learn many interesting facts about these famous Massachusetts people.
Thank you for making this project a big Success!