Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

2011 has many new and exciting things in store for Room 205. I can't wait to beginning.
In math we will start our next unit on measurement . We will explore the difference between area and perimeter. Everyone will get a chance to find the area of their foot and learn how to apply multiplication to real life.
Science we will be learning about the poles and how our world is one big magnet . We will be designing a compass and learn about the true north and the magnetic north.
Guided reading will be on the subject of snow. We will read a biography on Wilson Bentley and learn how snow is related to geometry.
In social studies we will introduce the Industrial Revolution and how life in Massachusetts changed from farmimg to industry.
Our personal narratives will come to an end and students will begin publishing their writing once again in the form of a booklet.

This month we also will start the next monthly project. This is a two month project that involves researching a famous Massachusetts person. Once this is done ,then the students will give a 3-5 minute presentation in character of this person. The presentations will be the week before February vacation.