Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Twisters touch down in Room 205

Guided reading lessons this week were all about tornadoes .In the wake of the recent tornadoes in the Mid-west we worked hard learning about how these storms can start and how to stay safe. We used the tornado bottle models to observe the formation of the funnel type column that forms during a tornado. This week we are writing our own weather reports and drawing weather patterns across the United States.

Geometry in the classroom.

Massachusetts state symbols collages

We recently worked with Room 204 to make some Massachusetts state symbol posters to decorate the hallways of the Pine Glen School. Lots of yummy Toll House Cookies for this project!

Animal Adaptations

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tadpole woodfrog release

We found a Bull frog along the way to the woods

We released two tiny frogs that we raised from eggs into the conservation area near our school. Thanks Wendy for giving us this opportunity to watch a true metamorphosis happen right before our eyes.

Mill Pond Field ,Forest,and Vernal pools